3rd pregnancy

Well it seems like I'm pregnant again. I may admit to no-one but myself (and here, which seems suitably anonymous) that I am a little ambivalent about this one. Not that I'm not excited and thrilled. Just unexpected and I had other plans for the immediate future. It seems ludicrous but I strived pretty hard the last 6 months or so to lose 30 pounds so I could get myself a much needed breast reduction. Ah well, the plans of mice, men and Cassandras, right?

Plans to go back to work are also shifting to the back burner. I'm 28, since graduating from college I worked for a couple of years and then took time off for kids. As of September both kids were finally in day care to clear a path for me to get out of the house and back into the swing of things. Despite all the wonderful things about having the luxury ( I know a lot of people don't have the option) of being a SAHM, I'm feeling increasingly brain-dead or limited by the array of options presented to me when talking with toddlers. So I am trying to adjust my attitude and expectations to fit a new plan that sees me in that role for a couple fo more years.

Don't want to be a pill about it. Just allowing for any growing pains as I make the adjustment. Have to admit, really hoping for a girl this time around.