6 weeks pregnant

Well, it is January 7th, 2011 and I am 6 weeks pregnant on the dot! This is baby #2, ready or not here we go! I'm absolutely thrilled, there's no doubt about it! (Rian's level of 'thrilled' grows daily) I'm living in a constant state of worry, as I know how risky the first 12 weeks or so of pregnancy are. I have NEARLY stopped drinking coffee, still will have the occasional "1/2 caff", and am taking my prenatals with vitamin d and fish oil. I've decided to switch obstetricians, as I want to see a physician who really wants to be in obstetrics! My first appointment is on January 21 and I'll have an ultrasound as well! I'll be 8 weeks along and I can't wait to see that little heartbeat, like I did with Mason at 7 weeks! So every night I pray for a healthy child, and as much as I want to savor and enjoy every moment of this pregnancy I also look forward to getting these first 12 weeks over with so I can rest a bit easier. This child will likely be our last, we've always said we only want two kids, but the thought of being done after this one makes me sad in a way! Haha, we will see! So I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and praying, and looking forward to meeting my second sweet baby in September-ish!!