7 plus 1

My cycles have been anything but regular since spring, so when I was a a few days late, I didn't think it was a big deal. My husband and I have busy schedules, we both work, him three jobs and I go to school on top of that, in addition to the 5 children we already have. Yes, by now we have figured how kids happen, but with everything else and the fact we see each other so infrequently we just didn't think about it.
I found out the Monday before the 4th of July, and I haven't told a soul. In fact, I had to keep looking at the test to see if my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Another child. Not that I don't feel this is a blessing, of course it is, and this child will come into a big loving family who will adore him or her. I'm just so shocked right now, and I haven't figured out how to tell my husband or family, mostly my mother.
My children range in ages from 4, 7, 9, 11, and 15, and lead busy lives also. The oldest are boys from my first marriage and the middle two are my husband's from his first marriage. The 4 year old girl is ours. The 15 year old, Maverick, is busy with wrestling, golf, and working (he mows lawns). The 11 year old, Tristan, ice skates (hockey and figure skating), babysits and enjoys cooking. Killian is 9, and Tyler is 7, they are both in dance. Tyler has autistic spectrum disorder and is in therapy a couple times a week. Erin dances and ice skates.
My me time is almost non-existent. This week Killian and Tyler are at their other house, Tristan and Erin are at my mother's and Maverick is working, as is my husband, Derek. Since I had some time to my self, I thought I would re-orient myself to the whole pregnancy thing. Other than sore, tender breasts, and a missed period I have no other symptoms, no sickness (yet), no heart burn ( I am sure it's coming), and my clothes still fit. I have no idea how far along I am, it still must be early, considering no sickness yet and my pants still button up without effort.
What will I do? Probably sit back for a while and enjoy keeping a secret, at least for a little longer.