8 week scare

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Yesterday was our RN intake appointment. Lots of counseling, handouts, labwork, etc. We made it through in one piece and I received the best news possible - I'm allowed to eat turkey sandwichs! I have been building the perfect one in my head for the last month and yesterday I finally got to eat it. It was a dream come true. :)

At the appointment we were talking about symptoms and how I was feeling and if there were any signs of trouble. Nope, things are good. Most days I can eat okay, constipation seems to be coming under control, mild cramping but no spotting...until afternoon.

I went to the bathroom and there it was. A streak of blood. And then another. Not large amounts but enough for me to keep going back the the bathroom every half hour just to check. It was definitely not 'pink.' So I called and left a message for a nurse, but I missed her return phone call.

This morning I have to call back and check in. I WISH I was in a practice that did trans-vaginal ultrasounds. I could really use some piece of mind.

Hang in there little bean. Your mommy and daddy are praying for you.