9 Month Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

by Cassandra R. Elias

9 month time lapse videoVideos come, and videos go. Some videos are destined to become memes with millions of views. Other videos remain sad and lonely submissions to the archives of YouTube.

One brave couple, who chose the user name "BornonBoard," created a time lapse video of their entire 9 months of pregnancy.

They could have only shared it with their family, but they chose to share their pregnancy journey with the world. We think that's pretty cool. We also agree with the rest of the internet that the video is well done, not to mention cute.

Doing a time lapse video is a nifty and creative idea. They could have chosen to do the same old boring set of photographs in a static scrapbook. Instead, just like Amelie, they gave their pictures eternal life online for the world to see (until they take it down of course). What a great gift for Amelie when she's old enough to surf the web!

Congratulations to "BornonBoard" and their cute wee one!

Whether it's something like this brave venture or an activity on a smaller scale, we have a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Would you do what "BornonBoard" did? Shout it out!

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