A Journey Into Pregnancy #2

In December we decided to try again. I got my IUD taken out and my doctor wanted to let us try on our own a bit before starting the clomid again, just in case my body was able to straighten itself out. In March I started to get anxious and asked for the clomid. I had to wait for a period. When it came I started the clomid per the directions my doctor gave me. After 12 days of still bleeding I called my doctor and asked if it was normal and he told me to take a pregnancy test, and it was positive! I was happy, but upset because of the bleeding, but I know it was still possible for everything to be alright. Unfortunately my levels were going down, and my doctor suggested we wait for my period to regulate before starting again. So I am waiting and waiting for my period to come. My breasts were still tender and I was confused as to why I was still "feeling" pregnant. I took a test, negative. About a week later I started to sneeze and feel a pull in my abdomen, so I took another test and it was positive! Actually it was on Mothers Day! Then I started the HGC tests again. And come to my suprise the levels went UP! I dont know when I conceived, we had one ultrasound and saw a sac and she is guessing about 5 weeks. Just seems like I just miscarried so I am confused. I have another ultrasound on May 26th to try and make a better guess because she said we can see more then. So we will see what she comes up with then. I am very excited for all of this! I thought that we would have to wait for months before starting to try again. I forgot how tired and sick I got with my first. Now I remember, lol. This is my last pregnancy. Even though I have only had one other child myself, I have 2 step-children and 4 kids makes enough for us. I am going to try to enjoy this pregnancy more than my first. I want to try not to be so anxious even though its hard. Im hoping no complications and to have a healty baby.