A little about me and my situation

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So my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 very long (to me) months now. I was on birth control pills for 6 years prior to stopping and then we waited 5 months afterward before we actually started trying. I have fairly regular periods although they are between 33-35 days rather than the "normal" 28 days. I'm doing the 1mg of folic acid prenatals, we've been using the ovulation kit for 5 months now (according to it I'm ovulating), I haven't missed a period yet although it seems to me that my premenstrual symptoms get worse and worse every month giving me false hope. My OB doesn't want to take any measures towards fertility-type treatments until it's been a year. I've worked with her off and on for quite a few years and I trust her, I'm just impatient and loosing hope a little. I don't really want to be classified as "infertile" quite yet and I don't want to have to go the route my mother went with me(4 years) or my little sister(8 years) of trying. I think it makes it even more difficult on me that I'm a nurse on a labor and delivery floor and feel like things are constantly getting thrown in my face. The most difficult thing for me is to be constantly hearing "Do you have any children?" and my response to be "no" followed by "Why?" or "When?" or "Are you?" or "Don't you want any?" etc, etc. Then my greatest pet peeve is the "It'll happen when its time" I am so sick and tired of hearing that. Seriously? You do realize that that statement sounds to me like "oh it's no big deal"? Well this turned out to be a little more "venting" than I intentionally meant for it to be but considering the speed with which I typed it, I'm guessing I needed to let it out.