A new Chapter

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Wow a new chapter in our lives after 12 years of having and only wanting one child my husband and I had decided we would try for one more! I had been on the pill for over 11 years and had decided I wanted to get my tubes tied so that I could do away with taking the pill. I went to my OB and she spoke to me about how final that was and that I was only 32 so why would I want to do something so permanent I signed the papers anyway thinking she was silly for even thinking we would want another after 12 years! Here is Fl you have to have a signed letter on file to get your tubes tied and it has to stay on file for 6 weeks (I guess to let you think about it)! Well I came home and told my husband that I had signed up for it and his reaction was not what I thought it would be!

He said no way thats to final! Well my response was well if we are gonna try for another than it needs to be now! I returned to the OB they checked everything out and gave me the green light to start to try!

With our daughter there was no trying Smile She was a surprise so having to try felt very unnatural and we tried our hardest Smile for 6 months I thought I knew when I ovulated so we thought we were trying on the right dates well we had no luck! So we took that as a sign that we were only meant to have one child!

I went back to the OB once more signed the papers again for the tubal and went back on the pill in Oct my mom and I went on a 4 day cruise just her and I. I had gotten my period on the day we left which was Oct 10th we returned on the 15th I had forgotten to refill my birth control and not thinking anything my husband and I well you know Wink

About 2 weeks later I noticed I was about 3 days late on my period I took a test and it was neg so I added it to the 50 other tests that were neg and I went about my day well 7 days later I relized no period yet! Took a dollar store test and there was a very faint line so I went online to see what this could mean and everything said if there are 2 lines you are pregnant!!!

So not 14 weeks later we are expecting a new addition to our family and after 13 and a half years our new baby will be born July 19th 2012 we are so excited to give our first baby girl a brother or a sister and excited to start a very new chapter in our lives!