A new complication.

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Last Friday i rushed to the E.R with a vaginal dark brown discharge, my boyfriend & I were fearing for our angel's life at 11 weeks of pregnancy. I had no cramps no blood just dark brown discharge. The doctor performed various of test on me he test my blood just in case I had to get a shot I turned out to be RH positive, no shot for me! Our worries were still there. The doctor said that my discharge was really dark it was hard to see my cervix. He called for an ultrasound and a vaginalultrasound. The cervix was in fact closed. And the baby was perfectly fine, heart was beating great. My boyfriend & I both cried of relive. They checked to see what could have caused the discharge and they found that i had a Subchorionic Hematoma or a blood clot. This usually occurs when the placenta separates from the uterus allowing my blood to flow out. Although a Hematoma can't cause a miscarriage if its large enough it can cause the baby to starve to death. There's no way on knowing how big it is or how much bigger it can get. But it's important that whoever has this should take precaution and be very careful. The clot usually last till the 20th week of pregnancy meaning it will be bleeding itself out now and then. My doctor put me on bed rest i can't lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, i can't have sexual intercourse, i can't stress, run, or walk for a long amount of time. The brown discharge stopped the next day. But just last night a week after the first time the discharge came back. My doctor said not to worry unless there's severe cramps and heavy bleeding. She recommended a lot of rest plenty of liquids and she told me to be stress free and to stay calm. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. And i'm very glad that our baby is fine. If any of you have this or get this don't get worried i'm sure everything will be fine. God bless you all.


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I have had this with several of my pregnancies -- all that now are thriving kiddos underfoot. While I have experienced loss, I want to encourage you to simply continue to follow your doctor's advice and know that there can be positive outcomes!

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