A Rollercoaster

What a rollercoaster! I cannot recall a time that I've been so high strung and full of tears, anytime throughout my life.Everything makes me cry regardless of if its relevant or not. Chetan's been so supportive and patient with my mood swings..I am blessed. And I also thank God that we have visited the dr...our's is Dr Preeti..nice lady. It was amazing looking at the tiny heart beat on the 26th of December. And a relief to also have the knowledge that one of Chetan's good friend's wife is 4 months preggy while his cousin's wife is in her second month. I feel like now there's folks I can talk to who are going through the same thing. Niddy made a visit to our place last night, we were touched that despite going through a difficult time, she came over...it was very encouraging to know that its normal for expectant mom's to take numerous jabs and hormone tablets. I kept worrying about it so much about this till then. We exchanged notes, phone numbers and emails and made a pact to touch base with each other to encourage and edify.

Also, yesterday Honey and I had a chance to chat on facebook, she asked me if I had thought of any name and I shared with her about Joshua Daniel...she said that Joshua was a name she too was considering and when I looked up the meaning...I just loved it...Joshua means God rescues while Daniel means God is my Judge. I shared the name with Chetan today....and feel that truly indeed, in all our lives, God is the one who has the power to rescue us from all trials and tribulations and traps that we may fall into.

Nowadays, while I am feeling so very tired and sleep so much, by God's grace..I've not had any morning sickeness. Thanks be to God, that since yesterday, I am feeling emotionally stronger and more confident...poor, Joshua had a weepy mummy these past weeks while Chetan had a mental patient on his hand...lol

Anyhows, things are slowly ironing out, its been a busy busy week, with the visa renewal, christmas party, conference etc...and I am just looking forward to staying home for the next few weeks and keep in close communion with the Lord...as I know Joshua would need such peace and stability while he goes thru a massive transformation.

I am thankful, I am eagerly watching and waiting to see Lucky Joshua on the tv again...:)