Adult baby on disability payments

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Adult infants deserve disability payments, says the Social Security Administration (SSA). Particularly, it requires advantages for Stanley Thornton Jr., a 30-year-old Redding, Calif., man who wears adult diapers and lives as an adult infant. SSA has cleared him of Social Security deception. Source of article: Adult baby cleared of fraud, continues to collect disability

Wear a diaper and the government will pay you

This year, you can watch an episode of “Taboo: Fantasy Lives” on the National Geographic channel. It had Thornton on it. The male, who is 350 pounds, wears diapers, drinks from a bottle, sleeps in a crib and even sports footie pajamas, according to the Washington Times, even though he doesn’t show any physical signs of being mentally retarded.

Toilets are out of the question. Thornton won’t use them. His roomie, previous nurse Sandra Dias, cleans up after-ward. She acts as his mother. That is her job.

Able to build a crib

After seeing Thornton on “Taboo,” Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) demanded an investigation. There is no room for “blatant fraud” such as this as Social Security is al-ready about to collapse, according to Coburn. The Washington Times spoke with John Hart who is Coburn’s spokesperson:

“(We are) baffled how a grown man who is able to design and build adult-sized baby furniture is eligible for disability benefits.”

In response to Coburn's criticism, Thornton stated that the television program “over-stated” his skills.

What is the problem?

Wikipedia states that paraphilic infantilism, what Stanley Thornton has, is a sexual fetish. This disease is also called adult baby syndrome and autonepiophilia. It generally involves role-playing where adult diapers and bottles are involved. There are nurturing rea-sons and masochistic reasons why individuals will participate in this. Infant behavior might or may not be involved.

Bedwetting ABDL is the site Thornton runs. He has many other illnesses such as PTSD which require him to get the disability checks, he states. He currently gets more than $800 per month from the SSA.

Infant illness

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