Airline Announces Child-Free Cabins

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by Cassandra R. Elias

In The Spotlight: Canada Airliner Introduces Child-Free Cabins in an April 1st Commercial

Child-FreeApril Fool's! Yes, it was indeed an April Fool's joke -- and a pretty good one at that!

Even if they are our own, flying with children, doesn't mean the friendly skies are going to be "friendly."

They can be cranky, stir-crazy, loud, and downright annoying. I have been known to get on a plane with a little one, apologizing in advance to my fellow passengers.

Canadian airliner, WestJet, decided to take advantage of this situation and prank its audience.

On April 1st, it posted a slick video to their website announcing their new, "Kargo Kids" program. The Vice President of Communications Richard Bartrem starred in the ad where he says, "We've heard from many of our guests that they're tired of kids screaming and running up and down the aisle and are looking, quite simply, for some peace and quiet."

The video introduces introduces "Kargo Kids" as the solution for traveling with little ones, where children get to fly in a "special VIP" area of the plane -- the cargo hold. Most parents wouldn't find that very funny, but it was April 1st.

The video shows a WestJet counter agent helping two harried parents as they put their fussy little kids (one who happens to be a toddler) in a "travel toboggan" or cargo bin. Peaceful music is playing as the baby and little kid are seen waving good-bye, winding down the baggage belt.

"Your child will be whisked away on a magic carpet ride and your work is done," Bartrem says with a grin.

Bartrem goes on to reassuringly say that the "Kargo Kids" area has lots of toys to play with, a counselor to make sure the kids are safe and supervised, and lots of other kids to play with! It ends with Bartrem wishing all a Happy April Fool's Day with a grin. You can see him in action, just click play.

What do you think about this prank? Would you have fallen for it? Would it have made you super angry? What's the funniest prank you've ever pulled or fell for?