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I just wanted to post a quick note to say that my husband and I have been trying for our second child for two years and it has FINALLY happened. We are so very excited and look forward to being far enough along that we can safely tell our daughter that she gets to be a big sister, something she has been asking to be for a very long time. I've signed up on this website just because I like to see all the news clips and forums of other moms. I find it to be good information and fun reading.

Sleep Easy in the Best Maternity Nightwear

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Having a baby makes you realise just how much you should have appreciated sleep before! That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you get the best sleeps before your baby makes an appearance. If you are currently tossing and turning and just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep your nightwear may be to blame. By investing in some good quality maternity nightwear you can be sure you are comfortable when going to bed at night and more likely to feel refreshed upon waking.

Excited and Freaked out

Ok so I have just found out that I am pregnant...yeah!! and woah at the same time. I have 2 kids already 7yrs and 4yrs and it's great. I have been wanting another one for a while but finances and things kept me from making that kind of decision....but now I'm at the point where my husband has a new job and my job is going well so...we were less careful than usual.....and here I am. I am excited because I love the idea that we will have another little person in our lives but on the other hand I'm nervous.

Which kind of crib bumpers are safe?

I just wanted to see if anybody had any thoughts on whether or not to use crib bumpers? I did not like the mesh bumpers and tried a product called Wonder Bumpers. So far they are awesome, has any other new parents tried them? I love the simplicity of the product, they are pads that zip up the crib bars and leave no room for infant injury or suffocation. Just wanted to see if anybody else likes their Wonder Bumpers . . . . . .