Always more bad news!

I'm so sad! I got the MRI test results back and I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. I have a partial septate uterus. The radiologist report she printed me has a ton of large words and doctor language that I don't understand. But my doctor described it as having two horns in my uterus. She thinks maybe both tubes aren't in fact closed but that the cathetar that was used to inject the dye in the HSG went on one side of the septate and therefore only filled up one side. But that means the septate comes down pretty far.

She thinks it comes down farther than not. On the mri I was also diagnosised with a gartner's duct cyst. And it says there is a focus of hemorrhage in the left ovary, whatever that means.

So I'm a high risk for pretermed labor, and having a baby breech, as well as the obvious early miscarriages.

We have to wait for a call to get our infertility appointment to check out DH swimmers.

Kind of a dissapointing day.