Am I really Happy

I feel Happy but am I really. I am a 30 yr. old mom of two.My son is 9 (first born). And my daughter is 5 (baby girl).I, just recently divorced, after 6 years of marriage.I,ve been in a constant relationship for about 16 months now.It's been rocky at times,but for the most part of it I can say it's all good.My partner older guy, already has 4(boys)young in age.But we are at a point in our relationship where we would like to take things to another level.He say he is and seem to be very happy about the whole pregnacy, but my thoughtss are is he really or does he just make it seem that way.My whole out look is I have to start this stage all over again. Meaning buying pampers, doctors visits,late night cries when I'm already tired from a long day ect..I feel that it was a good thing in spacing the years between my kids,but will the joy of being pregnant come soon.