Amanda's Journey -- Week 12

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Entry 13

CD 14 CY 3(post m/c)
OMG! I am O'ing (ovulating)! This is the first time since the miscarriage. I haven't been getting the tell tale O pains that I have always got. Boy tonight did I get them. These pains have been the worst I have ever felt. Dh and I got a quick BD in a little bit ago. I hope to wake up a bit early and try again in the morning.

I am so excited! This has got to be the best mood I have had in awhile. I O'd, I O'd, I O'd, I O'd!!!

CD 19 CY 3 DPO 6!
Wow! What a week it has been. I have been on a natural high since Tuesday. I still can't believe I finally O'd! How amazing is that?!?! Dh and I did well BD'ing also. We BD’d the night of O, the following morning and that night also. I sure hope we caught that egg!

I started posting so much more. It was like my depression just lifted off my shoulders when I ovulated. This huge weight is just gone. I feel free. I feel excited. I feel refreshed. The girls on July2K were so supportive. I don't usually post much about what is going on with TTC since the miscarriage. I don't want to bring anyone down. When I realized I O'd I couldn't resist posting it. I got tons of baby dust thrown at me! I hope it works. We have so many pregnant women on our board we all think it is something in the virtual water.

Saturday, I traveled to my cousin Stacy's house. It was time for a girls’ weekend. I had such a wonderful time. Once I arrived there (and hour late, after getting lost) we went to lunch then shopping for that night. We had cheese and chocolate fondue. She had 3 friends come over also. I got to meet her friend who is due the same week I was. It was hard at times. I was proud of myself though. I only cried once. I asked to feel the baby. She was so sweet about it. I just felt a connection with her, a connection with her baby too. She just found out that she is having a little girl. I am so excited for her but sad for myself at the same time. Stacy talked to me about this before I went up. She was afraid it would be too much for me to meet her. I tried my best to explain to her that I may be sad but I can still be happy for someone. So that was my week. I am officially about to enter the 1-week wait. The wait is killing me. I want to test so badly. I have to be good though and hold out. There is no sense in wasting the money and testing to early.