Amanda's Journey -- Week 22

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Entry 20

CD 4 CY 6 (post m/c)

Well it seems that “journey to the top” has some major bumps in it. AF arrived this week. The disappointment, hurt, and anger was worse than ever. Jim even admitted he was very disappointed this time. We did so well with BD’ing, we thought we had it this month. I am so frustrated. Why me?

I made an appointment with my family doctor. My thyroid TSH levels may be fine but I still feel horrible. I still have most of my hypothyroid symptoms. I have done a lot of research and I am going to go in there with print outs of what I want to happen. There are other things to test with thyroid problems and I want it all done. If she won’t do it all then I am going to find and specialist. I am sick of not being listened to.

My dieting is going okay. This past weekend Jim and I both cheated, but I am back into it today. I have lost a total of 6.5 pounds in 2 weeks. Jim on the other hand, since the beginning of Jan., has lost 26 pounds. I am very proud of him. He is determined and so am I now.