Amanda's Journey -- Week 6

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Entry Five

Can I go back to bed now? Please? I feel so horrible. I have another head cold. AF started 2 days ago, and I am just so tired. I am not doing so well since AF decided to arrive. It wanted to play tricks on me again. Wednesday I got spotting and a bit of streaking. Then it all went away. Thursday: same thing. Finally this morning it is full force -- EEEYUCK!!! The worst thing about it is that since the m/c my cramps have been killing me. I was never one to get cramps. Just a back and leg ache. Well, not anymore. OUCH!

We got 10 inches of snow yesterday. It was so much fun watching the amazement on Emilee's face. She had a lot of fun sledding and throwing snow at all of us. I LOVE SNOW!!! I say that now, ask me about it after the next snowstorm (ha ha).

It is hard to believe Christmas is only 3 weeks away. I still have to get all of Jim's gifts. We just need to get a few stocking stuffers for Em. I am looking forward to it. Emilee is going to love it this year. She isn't just into playing with the paper and boxes anymore. She may actually notice there are gifts inside this time! LOL. Oh, and we get to see my sister and her family again. They are due up here the Sat. before X-mas!!

Well, time for me to crash into bed for now with my Robuttussin!

Well, I am feeling a bit better. Jim is off tomorrow from work so I get another day of rest. We have been a bit stressed out here lately. Worried about Em. She has had soft stools/diorama for over 2 weeks now. All of her test came back normal so we have an appointment with a GI specialist on December 26. Yes, that is the earliest we could get. The other doctors weren't available until January and February! Jim and I were talking and he thought of something I had been thinking but hadn't mentioned. Could she have developed a sudden milk intolerance/allergy? I called the office and they suggested trying Soy milk. So, that is what we are starting. We will see, hopefully we won't need that GI appointment.

AF is going away finally -- now onto another month. I just have to get Jim motivated for another marathon -- LOL. Jim and I had a wonderful weekend. No big fights at all. We were just really close, and snuggly. We haven't had a weekend like that in a long time. I can only hope that it continues. He amazed me and was really into getting the decorations up on Saturday. I love the look of the house with Christmas decorations up. It just feels warm and homey.