Amanda's TTC

Dear Stork,

So this is my first blog entry on my journey to getting pregnant. I've always wanted to be a mother and I can't believe that my SO and me have decided to start trying. I wish it could be as easy as succeeding this month which is our first month trying but I know it can be hard so I'm trying to stay positive. So far I've been just charting how I've been feeling and the days I get my period. After a couple months if I haven't gotten pregnant yet I'll try the ovulation tests. Right now I'm just trying to be as healthy as I can and having sex every second day and I'm hoping that will be enough. Trying to quit drinking coffee has been pretty hard though lol.

I know I can obsess a lot so I'm hoping that writing this blog will help pass the time in between waiting. It's also kinda nice to keep track of the journey so maybe one day my baby can see how hard I worked for them lol.

Anyways, so for my first month this is how I've been keeping track of everything. I know I'm tracking every little thing that I'm feeling but if it does take me time I want to know what's common for me before my period and what would stand out to hint that I finally got pregnant. So here is my very first obsess fest for the month.

November 8th - The witch came
November 13th - Period officially over/BD
November 15th - BD
November 17th - BD
November 19th - BD
November 21st - BD, feeling kind of crampy (ovualtion?)
November 22nd - still crampy
November 23rd - BD, cramping starting to lighten up
November 25th - BD, nipples are a little sensitive, tired, hot flashes and gassy
November 26th - sensitive nipples, tired and still gassy (I don't know what I've been eating lol)
November 27th - sensitive nipples, breasts feel kind of heavy today, crampy, headaches, tired, gassy
November 28th - major headache, cramps, gassy, sensitive nipples, extremely tried
November 29th - crampy, sore nipples, extremely tired (practically falling asleep at work), headaches and feeling dizzy, still gassy
November 30th - bloated all day, breast are sore and nipples HURT, going to the bathroom a lot, starting having bad cramps towards the end of the night (Is it too early to be feeling anything? Could this be my early Christmas present?)

So from now on I'm going to post every day and try and keep track. More for myself but for everyone else too who feels like reading. I find it kind of hard because I have two friends who are pregnant right now and I"m so excited for them but I have to admitt I'm a little bit on the jealous side. My cousin just had her baby in July and as much as I love her to death I have a twinge of jealousy towards her too lol. It's harmless though. It's just ever since I was in kindergarden I've told everyone that all I want in life is to be a mom and I just can't wait for it to happen. I know I have to be patient but it's so hard. Anywho that's my little obsession for the day.