And so it begins...

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So, as is want to do in the lives of us, things have changed, plans have been thrown asunder and we now simply move on with what we have in hopes of coming out on top.

And, thus, it begins.

Plans for Alabama have been blown out of the water by newer plans to remain in the NOVA region. Meds have ceased, the proverbial candles have been lit and we are off and running in the race to conception.

It is a secret we still keep to ourselves and one that will remain a secret until the race is won and that magical little sperm makes its way to its happy home. My mother called a few nights passed and said something to me that made me giggle: "Grandma said she thought you were pregnant."

My grandmother has always stated that she has gifts for precognition and empathy. She's a devout Catholic and a part time Santeria practitioner. Go fig. I simply chuckled and said she likes having those 'crazy dreams'. Leave it to my grandmother to 'see' our plans. Hehe.

But, as we go forth with child number four we discuss things that make us laugh about our children now and what we hope to see in the one to come. We have no preference for gender, only that it is healthy - - which, of course, means I will be banned from the caffeine as soon as the race is won. *Oh Noes!*

Thus, to those that have even an inkling of caring - the gun has been fired and we now charge forth towards the finish line.

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