And we wait...

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So here goes nothing! I got my ovulation pain Sunday the 17th and I without a doubt ovulated! I was horny as all get out! Kyle couldn't get home fast enough! And of course we went at it like animals but it was also very intimate for us with conceiving a child in mind. So now yesterday I'm a little freaked out cause my nipples started hurting like crazy. And they are still pretty tender today so I don't know what to think. It could be in my head because we want a baby so bad and blah, blah, blah, or it could be a first sign that the eggo is preggo. Who the hell knows except for God. I could test at home as early as the 27th but I'm leaning toward waiting to see if I get my period or not. But at the same time I just gotta know! Oh I also wanted collard greens really bad last night so I made them 2 day ahead of schedule on the menu. But that could just be I wanted collards and that's that.

There is a lot going through my mind about having a baby. How Jer will take it, will we be ok if I stop working, how will starting school effect my health and sanity and family, how will I deal with breastfeeding 24/7, how will I deal with sleep deprivation, will my family be supportive and help us adjust with the new little one, should we wait until the first trimester is over to tell anyone including close friends and parents, will school let me bring my newborn to any of my classes so I can continue to nurse (midwifery school you gotta wonder), how will I feel being pregnant physically and emotionally, will my back problems get worse, and so on??????????????? It's nerve racking a little! But I will keep this posted for my own documentation in the next couple weeks and months.