Another beginning

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I'm pregnant! Again! This makes the fourth time. Only 2 kids at home though. Our missing son Joseph, passed at 30 weeks.

Our family just wasn't complete. Friends and family will think we are nuts. But it's what we wanted to do.

I'll think about things more. Right now I wanted to get started documenting this baby. This could be our last, I want to remember it.

Names right now.

The though of James Newell sounds good. This has been on and off our list. It's hard since we don't love the name Jim.

I'm not loving Margaret much anymore. I just can't think of a nickname for it I love. Maisie is cute, Daisy is cute, but cute isn't good for a grown up name.

How about June for a middle name? (We're due June 15th I think). For Grandma June.



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5 years later, I didn't remember I had this blog.


Our son is now nearly 5 years old.  His name is John.  I kind of wish we had picked James.  But I like John too.