Another Day Gone By

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Another day has gone by and yet I still have so much to learn before he/she gets here in July. Today I have told my grandparents and I couldn't believe how happy there are for me. My grandmother gave me a hug and they just had these big smiles on their faces. This is the biggest news I have ever told them and I love so much for their reaction. I admit how scared I was and nervous about telling them. The way I said it was, there is a kid growing in my stomach. I'm always thinking of new ways of how to say it to people because I love being creative with news I have. The wait to me is worth it because for me it does take time to tell news like this to my close friends and family. I didn't get to everyone yet. The next few months I'm just going to get bigger and bigger, but I'm also learning on how to better take care of myself. I don't see it as putting my dreams on hold. I still do want a career in the hotel business since I worked at the Marriott for almost a year, but for the last 7 months it has been hard trying to get my job back even when I left on good terms to go back to school. I have a huge strong interest in modeling, but I see that as one of the hardest careers to get into. I want my child to be proud of me and know that his/her mother never gave up. I'm going to go relax but I will chat again. Thanks for reading. Take care and God bless.