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Date: 21-11-2011

Got HCG levels tested yesterday morning. As usual the technician had a hard time finding my veins. The levels came to 81065.18; and pregnancy week 6.7. Around 12 days back, they were 8846. So they are not doubling every 48 hours, but taking little less than 4 days to double. Google says that it is normal that HCG levels rise slower at 6000+ range.

As of now there seems no cause of worry. But since its a habit to be anxious, I dunno why yesterday's HCG shows 6.7 weeks when I was exactly 7 weeks along. I fear the pregnancy has started remaining behind schedule coz of the 6.7 week figure and also coz my symptoms have been taking complete break for a couple of hours once in a while. This happened 3-4 days back when I was feeling better in the evening. Again today I woke up with marginal weakness. Last few hours have been quite energetic too.

I have an ultrasound planned for today. Exactly 2 weeks after the last one, which showed 6mm sac and 5.1 weeks pregnant. I am anxious to know if they find a fetal pole and heartbeat today. If I can manage a heartbeat today, chances of miscarriage after this are as low as 10% according to Google. Yay! Smile Then I can break the news to my in laws too!

Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

P.S. Last night I felt SO SICK! I cried and finally puked everything I had for dinner (that's just 5 slices of bread and butter). But me and DH both thought it was acidity induced rather than pregnancy induced. But ya, just for the records, I puked for the first time! Smile