baby and didnt know it.

my name is Brittani and this is my a 14 year old girl ill be 15 in august. i had sex with a boy i was dating for about 5 months. he told me about 2 months ago he was leaving to go back to his home town in honduras. it was hard for me because i didnt know how to tell him i was pregnant. when he left he asked me if everything was okay i lied and said yes everything is fine. one of his friends found out that i was pregnant and called him and told him. he called me two days later and told me he would have stayed if he would have known that. i cryed for hours and hours because i felt stupid that i didnt tell him. five days later i had a miscarage and he doesnt know. i dont want to hurt him but i know that if i keep it from him he will be hurt even more. i dont know how to tell him. help me?