Baby Bizzocchi!

Well .... apparently we did it! After a 3 1/2 year journey on the TTC road we found out on October 30, 2008 that we are indeed pregnant!

What a journey it has been! My DH and I married in January 2005 after being together for 3 years. Once we were "hitched" we didn't want to wait to start TTC (we were both 30 and thought it best to start trying as soon as possible!).... Well, I went to my OBGYN for the preconception appointment, everything looked good so we were on our way! After a year of no success (and reading EVERYTHING I could to make the process as successful as possible) we went back to my OBGYN and decided to start trying CLOMID (my bloodwork showed lower than optimal progesterone levels, DHs workup looked OK). After 6 months of Clomid, bloodwork on a regular basis, no luck on the TTC department, and a 40+ lb weight gain on my part (Damn Clomid!) we decided to scrap that idea, take a little break and started up with the RE in July of 2007. Initial bloodwork looked fine on both my part and that of DH, so RE decided to order the HCG to check my uterus and fallopian tube for obstruction. Viola! We had an answer! I had a massive "uterine filling defect" but the tubes looked good! I freaked out about the possibility of having problems with my uterus! RE said he could not tell from the HCG what the problem was but was certain it was either Fibroids or Pollyps and the only way to tell would be Hysteroscopy / Laproscopy to investigate and remove (if possible) whatever the issue was. First, we had to thin the lining of my uterus as much as possible so on the BCP i went...... man I don;t miss that! The high levels of progesterone made me such a bear and the MS like symptoms were not that much fun either. Once the U/S looked good and uterine lining was thin we went ahead with the procedures under general anesthesia. I hate anesthesia! I think it's a control thing! Oh well, the surgery went as planned and the RE was able to remove 80% or so of the polyps. No fibroids and no endometriosis was noted from the investigation! Woo Hoo! Well, removing only 80% of the polyps meant that there were still 20% to be removed so a 2nd surgery was scheduled, more progesterone prior and much more MS symptoms! @nd surgery was a success and all the polyps were gone! That was December 2007. January 2008 went back in to see the RE and made the decision to try on our own before moving on to the next logical step with them, IUI. So we tried .... and tried.... tracked my ovulation with the CBE fertility monitor religiously. Try and try .... nothing! I called the RE in July and let them know we weren't having any luck ... they offered their services for the IUI and we discussed the cost and probabilities involved and decided to "take a break" until the end of the year......

So, we took a break! Got back to the true basis of our marriage, eachother, and just loving being together .... not the "work" of TTC!

Fast forward to October 2008....

DH was out of town for a few weeks and when he got back I was so happy to see him (absense makes the heart grow fonder!).... just in time for the middle of my cycle apparently.... a week later i was a little "off", and it just kept getting more apparent that there was something "wrong" with me. I was tired, felt like I was coming down with the flu, couldn't motivate myself to do anything! Went to a friend house for a get together and fell asleep on their couch in the middle of a conversation!

The next morning DH got up and went to work. I went into the bathroom and thought for a second "what if.....?" I decided to POAS if i had one under the sink.... and I did. The phone rang and i put the test next to my computer and went about what I needed to do. About a halp hour later I sat at the computer, looked down, and to my SHOCK staring back at me was a digital test screen that said "PREGNANT!"...... My reaction, honestly was SHOCK! I was shaking, I was crying, i almost fell off my chair...."Now what?" I knew everything there was to know about getting pregnant, but now what was I supposed to do? Call the RE? Call my regular OBGYN? How does this BFP thing work? I had never gotten this far????!!!!????

So, how did I tell the DH?: Well I invited him to lunch (as i had been pretty unbearable the evening before!) and he just thought I was trying to make up for my poor attitude. I wrapped the test in a box with a ribbon on it and gave it to him at the table in one of our fave restaurants. he picked it up, realized it was pretty light and then he opened it slowly. He had no clue what was waiting for him inside! He looked, slammed the box back shut, looked again... looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said "are you serious?, really?". We just sat there for the next half hour looking at eachother, tears in our eyes, giggling like little children! It was amazing!

I called the RE office earlier in the day, they sent over a lab slip so that we could get baseline Hcg and progesterone levels and a confirmation of pregnancy. i went to the lab after lunch, blood draw was done, and results came later in the day.... We were pregnant! Barely! My nurse at the REs office asked me if I could pinpoint my O, and sure i could... I'd only been tracking it for over 3 years .... we figured I was 12 DPO and then the numbers made sense! I went back at 14 DPO for beta hcg, and at 21 DPO just to make sure things were going in the right direction.... they were!

So here I am..... It's November 20th, I am officially 6w 5d along in my journey and have our 1st ultrasound scheduled for monday..... I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!