Baby Girl Bedding Ideas

There are so many options these days for adorable girl nursery ideas. After doing a bit of research about dos and don'ts of a baby's room I'm left with many questions. The biggest dont I found is about crib bumpers. I have read a lot about the dangers of crib bumpers. I have talked with my pediatrician and she says that in the past she used them. She mainly used them as protection for her daughters head. Now, she feels that they cause some health risks and she no longer recommends the traditional bumpers but suggests that I look into some of the safer options that are out there. I found two other options that are safer yet still provide protection. They were the mesh bumper and the wonder bumpers. Just by looking at the mesh bumper it seems extremely cheap and provides little to no protection for my child's head. I then looked into the wonder bumpers and all I came accross was rave reviews. All pros and no cons. They come in the cutest designs and they say that they can even transfer onto a toddler bed. I really like the idea of a bedding option growing with my daughter.
I hear many parents change the bedding of their child atleast two times a year due to the simple fact of wanting to change the decor. This is another plus to the wonder bumper option due to the fact that you can mix and match the bumpers and buy two at a time to add different colors and patterns to the room.
Does anyone out there own the wonder bumpers? If so, what are your thoughts on them? What other ideas have you found? What does your child's doctor recommend?
I know that I look to my bed for comfort. So, the option of a naked crib does not sit well with me. I would not like to sleep in a naked crib. So, if there is an option to have a soft, safe, adorable crib bedding I would take it. My daugher deserves the best.