baby moving

So today i went to my boyfriends last basketball game. Im almost 18 weeks and not showing very much so im still able to jump up and scream for his team pretty normal. Today was the first time that I felt the baby moving around inside of me the whole time. Now it wasnt the first time I have felt the baby move just at one of his games. It was really cool because it was his last basketball game, and the baby was moving for his/her daddy. I knew that my excitement affected the baby and that my anger and my sadness and everything also but to actually feel it happen first hand was something I cant even explain. It was just completely beautiful. So moms to be just remember that when you jump around so does the baby, when you get excited so does the baby, when you stress so does the baby. BE CAREFUL ! lol. well im not expert i can only say what i have experienced first hand. && to me its the most beautiful thing i could have ever experienced.