baby steps toward baby steps

OK, Me and My husband have been married for 5 months now and we just bought our first new home. Neither of us have ever had children and its both of our first marriage. We've decided we're both of a good age (he's 28 and I'm 26) and we're as stable in our lives as we're ever going to be (we're both accountants for the state government with decent income) and the time is right for us to expand our family and produce an offspring. So we desperately want to concieve. We had the talk and confirmed that this is what we want and talked over what steps are next.

I discontinued my use of YAZ birth control the begining of this week (January 6th) and immediately started having major headaches and started having my period the next day (two weeks early). I've also just felt very Blah and blank and out of it for some reason. But anyway, I've been researching how to do what i've been trying not to do since I was 19. I'm nervous but ready to go through this. Its our time. we've been waiting and wanting our whole lives for a family. SO i'm jumping into this. I've found scattered info here and there on when to do it and what helps. From what i can gather so far... Stop using contraceptives and start pre-natal vitamins like folic acid and calcium and when your period regulates.. have sex every other day 14-19 days after the first day of your period. Then rinse and repeat the next month until it happens. I hope its that easy!

Neither of us have ever even had a pregnancy scare, we've always been very careful throughout our lives, that or we're infertile. I hope its just that we've been careful and we're not defective. SO we're not telling our families for fear someone will try to talk us out of it or that it won't happen. Fear of a miscarriage or early complications. Fear of unsolicited advice or advice that we should be married for at least a year before we think about children atc. My mother has suggested having my uterus wall medically scraped for some reason, says she heard it increases fertility? I have no clue what thats about. Maybe it does? But regardless, We decided that this is what we want and that we are both ready and the time is right. End story there.

SO yeah, my hubby is all about decorating one room in our new house as a nursery already and has been emailing me decorating ideas. SO cute. But I'm scared cause its my body that this is going to happen in. Fear is setting in, but i really want to do this. SO far i haven't stopped bleeding... so i have no clue what my body is doing right now, i just know i stopped taking the "no baby" meds as we call them.

Oh I've also started scouting and asking my friends who recently had children what DR's they had and who was attentive and knowledgable and nice. I have a name of one but i'm not sure if/when i should make an appointment. SO i'm trying to figure that one out as well. DO I go to my primary care DR? We just bought the house and moved and i'd like to change my pcp. So I'm confused about DR's and medical care. I know what hospital I'd like to deliver in though. So that's a step. I'll make a dr appt for some pre-conception talk soon i guess.

I'm scared of my body doing things i don't understand. SO I have alot of reading and understanding to do if i'm to get through this reassured. SO thats where i am now bleeding and trying to soak up informmation. Its not been too fun yet. lol. Once we are with child, the apprehension will go away hopefully. Its just rooted in the not knowing if we can concieve.. that 1st of many big hurdles in parenthood. i'm not sure how immersed in info i nee to be before we even concieve. How much info is too much? Will i just fustrate myself or build up my hopes or pressure myself about this? probably.. so i'm taking it slow, or i tell myself that.

I can't wait to start trying. My hubby said knowing that i'm off meds might make him have some stage fright. We were both programed not to have children too early and take all precautions against pregnancy etc because kids are a huge pandoras box that will drain & kill you financially, spiritually and physically. SO we see unprotected sex like a time bomb or mine field. We're uneasy with that image and hope we can see it as the beautiful and natural giver of pleasure & life it is.

I thought that since we're not telling our families yet, I'd invest time here to blog and vent and to learn and share and grow into a future parent.