Before the Beginning

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We haven't begun trying to conceive our second child yet, but my impatience is growing. Due to my work, the timing of having a baby is important to me. I have a very busy and demanding job at the first of the year. The first 3 months are the busiest and most stressful of any. I'm nervous about being in my third trimester through the new year, but I'm beyond ready for another baby.

I don't know when I was ready, but it was definitely before my husband was. I was hoping to convince him of a second child before my daughter's 2nd birthday, but unfortunately I wasn't able to until November of 2010. We would have begun trying at that point, but shortly after the decision was made, we were offered an amazing vacation in late June of 2011. I decided right then and there that I did not want to be pregnant during that trip and we put things on hold for a while.

Now here we are in May of 2011 and I'm just one month away from our target TTC date! My goal is to be able to tell my husband we are expecting our second child while we are away on vacation. I want it to be something special shared between the two of us. I was so quick to tell anyone that would listen about being pregnant as soon as I got a positive on that home pregnancy test. I am planning on being much more guarded this time. Not for fear, but for keeping something special just for my husband and I.

I hope to keep up with this journal of my (hopefully) final pregnancy. I am so looking forward to completing my family. Wish us luck!