Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

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According to a report, women who suffer from pms and tenderness in their breasts, may find relief by adding Evening Primrose Oil to their daily regimen. Allegedly, the Evening Primrose Oil has been used in the treatment of numerous conditions, such as inflammation, for centuries but up until now, the oil extracted from this wildflower, has been relatively undocumented. Reportedly, the profusion of gamma-linolenic acid contained in this naturally occurring oil can not be obtained from any single source of food. It has been reported that this fatty acid, when digested, changes into hormone-like composites called prostaglandins, which in this specific plant, are known to prevent inflammation.

It has been reported that research into gamma-linolenic acids influence on the human body encompass several areas of encouraging findings. Allegedly, in one study on patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy, nerve damage, such as tingling and numbness, was reduced when matched against the use of a placebo. Another study reportedly found that after taking GLA for 3-4 months, individuals who were experiencing symptoms of eczema, a skin condition that causes severe inflammation and itching, show significantly less irritation and were able to reduce their use of steroid creams.

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