Beyonce Craves Ketchup and More Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings!

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by Virginia B. Hargrove

In the Spotlight: Is Ketchup the New "It" Condiment?

BeyonceWe've all heard of pickles and ice cream, but what do you think of ketchup and ice cream? Yuck, right?

While we don't know for a fact that Beyonce drowns her ice cream in ketchup, she recently revealed to the U.K. Daily Mall that she craves ketchup with "literally everything." With that kind of definitive statement, we have to assume she does! The singer told the Daily Mall that she carries a bottle of ketchup with her everywhere she goes as she craves the condiment for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not to be outdone in the odd cravings department, we did some digging and discovered some other "unique" celebrity pregnancy cravings:

According to Virgin Media, when Angelina Jolie was expecting her twins, she would savor her chocolate...with cinnamon. Okay, that sounds pretty good, right? But wait -- she added hot chili powder for an extra flavor boost! Angelina topped off her tasty treat by digging into a heaping plate of onion rings - with a side of mustard, of course.

Speaking of digging, Britney Spears, another member of the celebrity baby bump brigade craved dirt. 'Nuff said. As bizarre as this sounds, it's not that uncommon. There are pregnant women who crave items that aren't even food. It's a condition called Pica and you can read more about it in this article.

Whew, the ketchup craving is starting to sound a lot less weird, isn't it?

Our list wouldn't be complete without at least one celebrity who craved the proverbial "pickles." Our congratulations goes out to Halle Berry, whom we've crowned the pickle-eating queen.

If you're keeping track, we've seen celebrities crave ketchup, pickles and dirt. In our extensive research, not all of the pregnant celebrities craved food items.

Take Kate Hudson for example - she craved sex. Really? While some of us don't even want to think about doing the "deed" that got us pregnant in the first place, Ms. Hudson apparently was insatiable. "I loved being pregnant. It was my favorite time of my are so horny. It's unbelievable...I had one exhausted husband," she told Virgin Media enthusiastically. We're pretty sure her husband didn't mind.

What do you or did you crave during your pregnancy that's out of the ordinary or beyond the norm? Share your secret in the comments. Maybe we'll hear one we've never heard before!

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