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WE ARE PREGNANT! Biggrin Oh yes! We are "PREGNANT". Now this is the series of events.

5-11-2011: Got blood test (Beta HCG) done

7-11-2011: Got Beta HCG results. HCG levels 3474.93. The HCG levels corresponded to 5 weeks pregnancy, while gestational age according to LMP is 7 weeks. Dr.SD advised sonography to rule out ectopic pregnancy. UPT today showed BFP (yet second line is fainter than the first one and takes time to appear). Got the sonography done. No ectopic pregnancy. Gestational sac corresponds to 5.1 weeks of pregnancy. Sonologist said viability of fetus can be confirmed after 2 weeks (after 7 weeks) as heartbeat, fetal pole and yolk sac appears. Dr.SD also asked to repeat Beta HCG to see if the levels are doubling every 48 hours.

Told my mom dad today. Mom looked surprised (more shocked) and hardly reacted. May be coz she didn't know we were TTC. Felt slightly disappointed. Dad felt awkward I guess. He smiled, shook hands and congratulated us. DH's parents will know after 2 weeks if things go well. Hope DH hasn't felt bad that we didn't tell his parents. I am sure they will be more expressive when they know. Can't wait! Smile

8-11-2011: Beta HCG as well as CBC done from another path lab. Two good news. 1. HCG levels are 8846. 2. Haemoglobin is 13!

9-11-2011: We saw Dr.SD with fresh blood reports. She was happy to see HCG levels double up. Prescribed folic acid (Folinext) and B Vitamin with Vitamin C (Becosules), one daily.

I am experiencing weakness and fatigue every evening. DH is extremely cooperative and helps around the house. Had a mutual BD on 9th night. Awesome O and cramping followed. We were really scared for those few seconds. Got a small anxiety attack. Is there too much to sacrifice? Are we really ready? Hubby's job profile has changed and it is time to switch job or start his own business. That is adding to our stress. But it is OK to feel anxious once in a while. Right?

My vacations end in 3 days and I start work from 13-11-2011. Hope I can handle work along with pregnancy. Especially coz it is an early morning shift. 7 am to 1 pm. Thank God there is no early morning sickness or nausea. Yes girl. Think positive! You just gotta get up on time and leave! Just 5-6 hours a day to manage!

Hope my blog 2 weeks later is equally positive. Grow baby grow!