So I just starting bleeding this afternoon and I am not sure if it is implantation spotting or if it is my period having come 3 weeks early. I have a bit of cramping in my stomach and back. I have only had a small amount of bleeding, less than a small spoonful probably. So I am crossing my fingers on the implantation bleeding. I am just so hopeful at the moment I can't even believe I was so negative yesterday. I texted my husband at work to let him know what's going on so hopefully he's as excited as me. I know how badly he wants to have another baby. He wants a little girl to go along with his little boy.
Speaking of my step-son, he got into an accident on the playground and has a hurt leg and foot. He didn't break it but he can't really walk on it because he doesnt know how to distribute his weight without hurting himself. Pray for his speedy recovery please!