Blighted ovum

I fell in the shower around 9 weeka of pregnancy. My OB wanted to make sure everything was okay so she ordered an ultrasound. My HCG levels were perfect, but there was not detectable fetus.

It is a more common occurence among women as a whole, but probably will never happen to you twice. The blught ovum is a condition where the sperm fertilizes the egg, but no baby develpos. However you body and uterus still think that you are pregnant. There is absolutely nothing you do or don't do to cause this. I called it my bad egg. Something was going to be wrong with this baby, so my body took care of it; or at least that is how I looked at it. Don't get me wrong, I bawled for days.

I had two choices: One was to take a medication to help my body naturally abort the pregnancy, whih meant cramping and physically going through the miscarriage. Second was a D&C, which was to surgically abort the pregnancy.

I chose the D&C. My OB wanted me to wait until one regular cycle becore trying again, just to make sure we could track acurately. I did bleed for two weeks post D&C and did not get a regular cycle until two months post D&C.

Finally we got pregnant of my cycle in late August- but don't be discouraged, I went through my grandmother being sick and passing away, only to go through the same thing with my father two months later.

We are now expecting our next child in June, but I did not allow myself to get excited until we had the first ultrasound, saw the baby and heard the heartbeat!!

If you have gone through this or are going through this, hang in there! I know it sucks, but it will get better Smile