Boy Sends Piggy Bank to Football Player to Get Him to Stay

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by Cassandra R. Elias

In the Spotlight: Boy Sends Piggy Bank Savings To Football Player

Boy with Piggy BankWho says generosity is dead? I doubt running back Brandon Jacobs would say so. He just received one young fan’s entire piggy bank savings in an effort to keep him in New York!

Six-year-old Giants fan Joseph was devastated when he heard that one of his favorite players, Brandon Jacobs, had signed with the San Francisco 49'ers. His father told him it was due to money – that the New York Giants could not afford to pay him what he needed.

Here's where the piggy bank comes in.

At that point, he asked his dad to help him break his piggy bank so that he could send his savings to Jacobs. All of his savings which added up to a whopping $3.36.

After the bank was broken, his father wrote this letter to Jacobs:

"Dear Mr. Jacobs,

My six-year-old son Joseph is a huge New York Giants fan. Last year we had the opportunity to go to a game and he just fell in love with the team.

He was very sad to learn that both you and Mario Manningham are no longer with the team. When he asked me why you were going to San Francisco, I explained that the Giants did not have enough money to keep you.

So, in an effort to convince you to return to New York, he wrote you the enclosed letter, and included money from his piggy bank.

Joseph is just learning to read/write so I will help you by translating his letter:

'Dear Brandon Jacobs,

So you could go the Giants, here is my money.

Love, Joe'"

After receiving the letter with the money – which was comprised mostly of loose change – Jacobs tweeted that he was so moved by the gesture that he was holding back tears. He also said that he may pay the boy a visit!

@gatorboy45 Brandon Jacobs: I almost cried, I am still trying to hold it in. I may have to pay him a surprise visit.

Joseph's kindness and generosity comes on the heels of another story we just heard about. One young kid went to the Miami Heat game and was heard yelling "Good game! Good effort!" as the Heat players were exiting the court having lost to the Celtics.

It's nice to see that sportsmanship is not dead. It's alive and well in our children. Out of the mouths and piggybanks of babes.

How are you teaching your children generosity? Do you have examples you can share with us?


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Submitted by MissyJ on

What a great story! If only more of these professional athletes would exercise a semblance of this young boy's character!

To answer the question, we try to lead by example - sharing meals with those that are hungry, having our children help with going through clothes, toys, books, etc. to donate, bringing them with us when we volunteer, and more.

Also, to foster feelings of generosity within the family, we try to encourage them to look for ways to help one another. Granted, older siblings may not appreciate the little ones efforts to "decorate" their bed with Dora and Mickey Mouse stickers! LOL