Breast feeding DOES cause miscarriage

I am appalled at articles that do not say breastfeeding IS a cause of miscarriage. I am a RN and I have an 8 month old that was 6 mo when I got pregnant and still nursing. Immediately I did NOT feel pregnant this would have been my 4th pregnancy and the other 3 all felt the same! I called the doctor and they simply said every pregnancy is different...don't worry! I said, "yes but not for me they are always the same!" I was very irritable not sick just not the usual pregnancy for me.

About the 5th week I started to bleed so I called a midwife this time and got the same advice. The bleeding stopped then the sixth week it hit again only heavier all the while I am breastfeeding and she is a heavy feeder at night (which really causes miscarriages). I went to the doctor to do my normal work up and told them lets do a HcG level and the doc said okay and a progesterone level lets for get the pregnancy panel until we get those levels. HcG level great! Ultrasound great baby implanted doing well heart rate 109 at 6 weeks very good! Uh-oh progesterone level a 9 she said quit breastfeeding now, it should be a 20! Take progesterone vaginally and maybe we can save the baby.

I was put-off that she would tell me to quit breastfeeding - everyone else said that does NOT cause miscarriage. Let's look at the facts. Some breastfeeding mothers do not even get pregnant...why? Because breastfeeding causes prolactin production and prolactin inhibits progesterone production and without progesterone one cannot get pregnant. Well in someone who does get pregnant while breastfeeding especially over the age of 30 you may have produced enough progesterone to get pregnant buy maybe not enough to sustain the pregnancy. Maybe you will, but maybe you won't.

Progesterone is a must have to keep the baby safe and sound in its environment during the first trimester b/c it has no placenta yet. This mixed with the natural form of pitocin (oxytocin released during breastfeeding) which is the drug the hospital uses to initiate contractions to induce labor; will push the baby right out causing a miscarriage.

It makes sense come on especially if you're in the medical field lets be real and start posting the truth quit being in denial- there is NO sense for it! It can save someone from going through a miscarriage which was awful by the way! Those of you who are not publishing the truth ought to be ashamed of yourselves! I would have NEVER of gotten pregnant while breastfeeding had I known the truth especially being 36.

Just because some do NOT have miscarriages does not mean others will not! We have the right to know the truth so we can make that decision upfront before getting pregnant. I do not like misconstrude information ... Breastfeeding definitely can and does cause miscarriages!!!!!