Brilliant Baby Blanket: How One Company Uses Blanket Space to Educate Parents Around the World

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If you're going to build a business around selling baby blankets, you might as well print useful information for parents directly on them. While you're at it, you should help 3rd world countries while promoting your product to developed nations.

That was the concept behind The Information Blanket, a company whose slogan is "babies don't come with instruction manuals." Each blanket is imprinted with useful information that parents can use as a helpful reminder and easy resource about raising an infant. With data including warning signs of physical problems, vaccination reminder dates, an average growth chart, the blankets come in many languages for use around the world.

Information Blanket

Using a one-for-one business model, the company sends one blanket to a developing nation for every $40 blanket sold.

The United Nations Population Division estimates that Afghanistan has the highest infant mortality rate at 14.4%. The Central Intelligence Agency puts it even higher. With such an acute chance of death in countries like Somalia (11.3%), Guinea (12.1%), and Chad (13.1%), actions must be taken to improve a baby's chances of making it past their first year.

Information Blanket

Here is what the information blanket looks like. Click to enlarge.

Information Blanket