Can I be pregnant?

I think I may be pregnant! I want to make this as clear as possible.

I've been on Ortho-Tricyclen for 7 years. January 3rd 2009 was the day of me finishing my pack from December, 2009. I didn't take the 7 sugar pills from 4th-10th. I normally would have started my cycle on the 7th or 8th. Instead i came on, on the 9th(friday) and went off that sunday 11th. I didn't start my new pack of pills on the 11th like i was suppose to, it was going on the 15th when i realized i was too late to even double up. so i decided to wait until i started my next cycle to start the new pack, which would have been the 4th of February(2days ago). In between that time, i had unprotected sex twice. I finally decided to take a home preg. test yesterday the 5th, and came out neg. and still haven't came on my cycle. could i be pregnant?



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It's very possible that you are. Home pregnancy tests don't normally give very accurate result until about week 3 or 4.

The best way is to just wait it out then go to the doctors and get a more accurate test there.

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and found out 2 weeks ago. I took 3 home pregnancy tests 2 came out negative, one positive. So I went to the doctors and he told me I'm pregnant.

Smile good luck!

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I'm not sure what answer you would like to hear but I too took the tricyclen and "messed up" my next pack start time and became pregnant when I least expected it.

I would wait a few days and try another home preg test. I have had three pregnancies and found home tests to be quite accurate very early on but not too early. If you get a negative result wait a few days and try again.

I found as well, that if you purchase the more costly home tests, they seem to be able to pick up the pregnancy hormone easier than the less expensive home tests. So, spend a few extra bucks. It may be worth it.

Like the last answer however, if you wait for a couple of weeks and no period and no positive test result on your home test then see your doctor for a blood test.