CD 24

Daily Update -

CD 25: Last night my boobs were absolutlely killing me. Which is totally fine with me if I am pregnant, but because I don't know if I am or not it's a concern for me. My right boob seems to be more sore than my left, although both are tender. I was laying on the couch last night and took my index finger and ran it over the top right side of my right boob and I felt a knot, or a lump Sad Now I'm worried. I thought there was a huge possibility I was pregnant, so I took a test, being 10DPO today and got a BFN - I only took a dollar store cheapie test, but a BFN was definitly decouraging. So now I hope everything is okay with me. I guess I'm out for this month, although I am planning on going and buying a two pack of FRER and testing again on Friday. I probably wont update again until then if things don't change.