Celebrity Baby Watch: Do We Have Royal Bump?

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by Bette G. Rinehart

In the Spotlight: Kate Middleton + Odd Behavior = Pregnant?

Royal WeddingEver since the so-called "Wedding of the Century," it seems the world has been on "royal baby watch" waiting to hear that Prince William's new bride, Kate Middleton is sporting a baby bump.

It doesn't take much for rumors of a royal pregnancy to emerge. The latest came about because the Duchess of Cambridge chose not to taste a peanut paste offered to her while on a visit to Copenhagen. The rumor mill kept spinning because Kate was seen carefully checking the package's ingredients. Can you guess why? If a mom-to-be's allergic to peanuts, there's a chance of passing that allergy on to her unborn child.

The Duchess' people immediately quashed the rumors by stating Kate does not like to be seen eating in public, especially if there was a chance she may not have liked the peanut paste and was seen to make an "ugly face." Oh, the horror! Imagine being seen to look less than...royal? Now that is the sign of a true people's princess. Oh wait, she's not that princess...

The flames of the baby rumor fire climb higher as the royal couple is getting their 6 bedroom home ready for "family life." William and Kate are very quick to note that they will not be moving into the home for at least a year.

Okay, why?

We'll tell you.

The list of reasons is seemingly endless: asbestos must be removed (it bears noting that this was Princess Margaret's home until recently), plumbing, heating and air must be "sorted out," and last but not least, they can't possibly overshadow the Queen's Jubilee, slated for 2012. Could this be a case of, "thou protest too much?"

Only time will tell if the royal pregnancy rumors are indeed much ado about nothing. Meanwhile, the world will remain on "royal baby watch!" Stay tuned!

Update! The rumor mill keeps on churning! According to InTouch Weekly, a palace "insider" has confirmed that Kate is "definitely pregnant" and although she is only about 6 weeks along, the royal couple has allegedly already picked names. Traditional names, no doubt as they must be fit for a king -- or queen.

Are you an avid royal watcher? Do you think we will soon be seeing a new royal baby? Tell us in the comments!

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