Celebrity Round-Up: Births, Divorces and Unwelcome Outings!

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-Up: All the Celeb News You Can Use

John TravoltaWe begin this week's round-up with "Housewives" news! From Atlanta, congratulations go to Kim Zolzniak on the birth of her second baby boy with NFL player, Kroy Bierman. In keeping with the "K" tradition (they named their first son K.J., and named this little one Kash. Sounds a bit Kardashian-ish to us! Who knows? Kash might lead to "cash."

Out of New Jersey, housewife Teresa Guidice isn't happy after hearing within earshot her husband call her the "C" word and a "b*tch" on the phone to a mystery person. She's pretty sure that he may well be having an affair. Whoa! After all the bad ways he has treated her, she might, just maybe, at some point, if he misbehaves again, consider leaving him. Sounds like she means business! Kinda, sorta.

In "Kardashian" news, I thought the Kim Kardashian versus Kris Humphries divorce was pretty much done, didn't you? Well, not only is it not even close to done, but it is getting juicy. Apparently, Kris's lawyers sent a subpoena to Kim's new boyfriend, Kanye West, in a Nordy's box! According to TMZ, they summoned Kanye, Kris Jenner, NBC Universal and all involved in the reality show hoping to show the wedding was fabricated for the show so that he can be granted an annulment. Stay tuned…

We send our best wishes for a full recovery to "Big Bang Theory" actress Mayim Balik, who was involved in a serious car accident this week. Apparently, a tourist’s car hit her and in addition to other injuries from which she will recover, she almost lost a finger. Thankfully, she did not and is recuperating.

In a not very nice fashion, one of my favorite actresses, Rashida Jones of "Parks & Recreation," while promoting her new movie, "Celeste and Jesse Forever" decided it was time to "out" John Travolta.

She was talking about her "obsession" with Frank Ocean -- who recently revealed he's gay -- when she said the world needs a big movie star to come out of the closet. She said, "Like John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let's do this." The bottom line is, I have no idea if Travolta is gay, and I don’t care. The fact is that regardless of his or anyone's sexuality, it's not her or anyone's place to "out" anyone. Keep it classy, folks!

We're still on vigilant "Royal Bump Watch." Kate Middleton is still not pregnant but when we know, you'll know.

As always, please let me know what and who you are most interested in hearing about and I'll dig up as much dirt, I mean information, on it and them as possible. Until next week, dear friends -- stay hungry!

Photo courtesy of Michael Wolf, Wikimedia Commons.