Celebrity Round-up: Father's Day Edition

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-Up: All the Celeb News You Can Use

Mark WahlbergWe begin our Father's Day edition with news that Elton John and husband David Furnish, are ready to add to their family and give their toddler Zachary, a sibling! Elton tells the Guardian that he remembers the disadvantages of being an only child, and he feels it may be even harder being the only son of someone famous. Elton also acknowledged that having a sibling may smooth over any uncomfortable situation that he could encounter from other children given that Zachary has two dads.

Meanwhile, Zachary is being spoiled -- but not by his dads. Elton and David only bought him a swing and slide for Christmas and his birthday (he's born around Christmas). The family was so overwhelmed by presents from well-meaning others that they were able to make a very nice donation to charity!

In more "Daddy" news, Tom Cruise, who will be 50 soon, tells People Magazine that he's happy with the three children he has and doesn't have any plans for more. I am sure that's welcome news for Miss Suri as I can only imagine how easily she would be able to share mom and dad's attention.

In "Bachelorette" news, I suffered and watched for your benefit. The entire show. I watched it so you didn't have to. You're welcome. In keeping with our "Daddy" theme, Emily was outraged when she heard that one of the bachelors said that going on any date with her would always be a "group date" because she has a daughter. Later, he said that Emily's daughter was baggage."

Emily asked him if he had something to say for himself and when he didn't, little Miss Prim and Proper said, "Get the f**k out of here!" So, someone doesn't want to be a daddy, eh? Oh, who told her? The only daddy in the bunch -- he is a single father. What's his name? Okay, I watched it; I didn't pay 100 percent attention to it.

In "Way to set a good example" news, award winning actor Mark Wahlberg, who never finished high school and whose younger years included prison time, is going back to school to get his high school diploma. Not a GED but a diploma. He told late night host David Letterman this week that it is important to him to set a good example to his kids. Good for you, dad!

In "Kardashian" news -- you know you want to know -- Khloe hopes to make Lamar a daddy soon. After all the rumors about her being pregnant with twins and doing IVF, not doing IVF, she's apparently actually started the IVF process for real. TMZ has confirmed that with Kim at her side, she has begun the process by having her blood tested. TMI? Maybe. Hey, if they didn't want us to know, they wouldn't put cameras in their bedrooms to watch them use sex swings, right?

Finally on "Sister Wives," Kody's brothers came for a visit. One is not a polygamist but the other two are. The three who are respect the one who isn't although they don't understand it. How on earth will he get to the Kingdom? One of the poly brothers only has one wife right now. In what can only be described as a truly religious, spiritual way, Kody and his other poly brother tease him (at a bar), about getting himself a new wife right away as they look around the bar. Who wouldn't want one of these fine gentlemen to be their baby daddy?

That's all for this week, guys. Enjoy your Father's Day whether you spend it with your daddy, your child's daddy, or you are the daddy! If there's anyone you'd like to hear more about, let us know! I work for fame so I'll investigate (read that as watch TV and read mags while eating Reese's cups) just about anything!

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Submitted by girlisrad on

I would like to extend the personal thanks for watching the Batchlorette... because quite frankly, I believe my television would shut itself off if I tried!!!

And WHY is the Kardashian doing IVF? Is it because she needs it? Or just because she wants twins?

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LOL, girlisrad -- you are most welcome! It was not easy to watch the Bachelorette, I can assure you but with that show of gratitude, I can try to keep doing it. omg, this week's was just as awful, if not more.... As for the IVF/Kardashian story, she is having conception problems so I think we should give her a pass. But everything else Kardashian = open season!