Celebrity Round-Up: Hollywood Births, Splits and "Kiss and Tells"

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-Up: All the Celeb News You Can Use

Anderson CooperWe begin this week with more news about the divorce of "Tomkat." Bizarre details are emerging about the break-up yet few people are shocked.

It seems that Katie was concerned about Suri and the idea that she would be raised by the cult-like religion Scientology with which Tom is so heavily involved. Apparently Tom wanted to send her to a Scientology school and that's where Katie put her foot down and ran for the hills.

On one hand, the fact that Tom is a Scientologist isn't new -- he was one when they married. So why so shocked, Katie?

But perhaps it's a cumulative effect or she took some magic pill that made her see the light, I don't know. What we do know is that it was a brave move and she has reported that Scientologists have been following her. Yes, following her. She's now surrounded by her own bodyguards. Let's just hope that for Suri's sake, this isn't a sign of a terrible custody battle to come.

In "Having My Baby" news, just a month after their wedding, Matthew and Camilla McConaughey announced they are expecting their third child. Congrats!

Congrats are also in order for actress Clare Danes and hubby Hugh Dancy, who recently announced they are expecting their first child!

In "Seriously?" news, Star Jones, ex-host of "The View," went on "The Today Show" and said that she believes Anderson Cooper came out for ratings. Yes, folks, you heard it right. She accused Anderson Cooper of admitting that he is gay for a ratings boost! Well, that makes sense. Who wouldn't put their private life up to public scrutiny and perhaps lose those who are homophobic to boost ratings?

Also in "Seriously?" news, according to actor James McAvoy who starred with Angelina Jolie in "Wanted," kissing Angelina was "awkward, sweaty and not very nice." Angelina made the top ten list of Hollywood's Worst Kissers as chosen by Style Bistro magazine. Yeah, I know.

In "World’s Best Mom" news, move over Gisele, there's a new "model" mom that might be just as annoying, if not more than you. Miranda Kerr has indirectly accused pregnant women who get epidurals of drugging their babies.

She recently told Harper's Bazaar UK that if you have an epidural you are not giving your baby the best possible start in life -- this, upon birthing videos she'd seen where the baby whose mother had an epidural appeared to be "drugged up." These high fashion models are so busy, I don't know when they find time to fit in medical school, but apparently they did. And that must where the "super" in supermodel comes from!

In "Hurry up and Pop News," Kourtney Kardashian may be the new Jessica Simpson. She announced her pregnancy in November 2011, at which time she said she was 9 weeks along. That would make her due date around the end of June. Well, where's the baby? We're waiting!

And yes, folks, we will stay on baby watch and let you know as soon as we know! Oh, and by the way, after watching a water birth, Kourtney has apparently decided against a home water birth and is now opting for a luxurious suite at the hospital with all the medical conveniences. I know you needed to know that.

Until next week! Stay good and keep reading!

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