Celebrity Round-up: Jessica, Nadya, Levi, Khloe and Trump

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-up: All The Celeb News You Can Use

Khloe KardashianAs we reported a couple of days ago, Jessica Simpson finally gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, who weighed in at 9 lbs. 13 oz. Congratulations to Jessica and daddy Eric Johnson! We must admit that we are grateful to be able to get back to sleeping on a regular schedule now that we are off 24/7 bump watch. Of course, the same can't be said for the new parents!

In "sorta kinda celebrity" news, Levi Johnston is expecting another baby, this time with another young lady. Interesting? Not so much. But he plans to name the baby after a gun - Beretta. Yep. Keepin' it classy, Levi!

In "you can't have too many Trumps" news, Donald Trump, Jr. recently announced that he and his wife, Vanessa are expecting their fourth baby. Tweeted Jr., "Vanessa & I have some good news. We are expecting baby number 4 in the fall!!! Kai, Donnie, and Tristan can’t wait!" We wonder if child support, heaven forbid the couple ever separate, be affected by any prenup they might have in place. Oops, did I say that out loud? Seriously though, congratulations to the Juniors!

Our "that's a shame" news this week is about Nadya Suleman aka "OctoMom." Not only has she filed for bankruptcy, apparently up to one million dollars in debt, but her fresh start involves her going back on her word that under no circumstance would she ever do porn.

We believe she meant that when she said it originally and it is sad that it has come to this. She has allegedly signed a contract to star solo in a "self-pleasure" adult film. She told HLN TV, "I don’t even give a crap if people think I'm a hypocrite, because I'm not, I know I'm not."

Despite her situation, Nadya claims she will one day have a business empire but says, "If you're hated, you're not marketable. We're hated for no reason. I haven't done anything to hurt anybody." The jury's still out on that statement.

Finally, in "Kardashian" news, we want to send a shout-out to Khloe Kardashian who, it seems, has put her reality show, "Khloe & Lamar" on hold in order to concentrate on her marriage. It has been reported – though not confirmed – that mom, Kris actually asked her to ramp up the drama in her marriage for ratings. If so, double kudos to Khloe for saying no.

What's your favorite celeb news this week?

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