Celebrity Round-up: A Week of Pregnancies, Divorces and Falls

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Roundup: All the Celeb News You Can Use

Kourtney KardashianIn the most public "secret" wedding in quite some time, Ricki Lake married her fiance, Christian Evans last Sunday. Ricki told People magazine, "It was a beautiful moment I will never forget. I wasn't anxious or nervous. I was really relaxed and excited." We wish the happy couple the best! Go Ricki!

On "Dancing with the Stars," we are happy to report that Melissa "half pint" Gilbert has returned to rehearsal after suffering a "gentle concussion" on Tuesday's night's show. Dancing on that show has become dangerous, hasn't it? There's always one star who takes a tumble every season. At least we can now stop wondering who it will be this year.

In Kardashian news, Kourtney's morning sickness has not been too bad with this second pregnancy. So please, stop sending her get well cards and homemade remedies. She's Okay. What a relief! Also, she keeps her list of potential baby names in her smartphone. Fascinating.

In legal news, Lindsey Lohan, who we reported was set free from probation a couple of weeks ago for doing so well, is being accused of assaulting some woman in a bar a few days ago. What? *Insert shocked look here!*

Jessica Simpson continues to keep us up nights. Even though we sleep in shifts, it is exhausting. But rest assured, when she gives birth, we'll let you know right away, unless whoever is on watch falls asleep -- then we'll tell you as soon as they get up. We promise.

As further proof that Hollywood is all about "recycling" and "reusing," a "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" movie is planned. Seriously. Along with the "recycling" of the "Titanic" movie, the "Incredible Hulk" movie and so many others, it must be Hollywood's sense of environmental responsibility that it sees this as recycling, although of course that makes no real sense. But the only other option is that there are no creative minds hanging around the studios and we find that too hard to believe.

In "Real Housewives" news, Orange County housewife, Tamra Barney recently revealed the reason she removed her breast implants. Apparently there were lumps in them and worse, she had been diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer, for which she was successfully treated. Asked to describe how she felt upon hearing the diagnosis, she told Dr. Oz on his show, "Panic." Understandable! We have nothing humorous to say here but will take the opportunity to remind our readers to stay on top of their check-ups, okay?

Separated since July, Marc Anthony has filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez. Papers cite the usual "irreconcilable differences" and request joint custody of their twins and waive spousal support. As the two continue working together on several projects, it would seem they are putting the children first. If so, we applaud them.

Speaking of divorce, Heidi Klum, having already filed for divorce from Seal, has now been served with Seal's reply -- and this one may get ugly, folks. Heidi claims a postnuptial agreement which would mean no joint or community assets. However, Seal's reply makes no mention of that document. How much money is at stake? Heidi is worth about $70 million and Seal is worth around $15 million. We'd say that's a lot.

Also, Seal wants joint physical custody of their four kids while Heidi wants primary custody with Seal getting visitation. Given that Heidi has the kids when Seal is away and he is away a lot on tour, his request is surprising -- but maybe not. When divorce lawyers are involved, these can be negotiation points. Hopefully, the kids won't get stuck right in the middle.

What's your favorite bit of celeb news this week?

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