Celebrity Round-up: A Princely Birthday, Lindsay, and a Deep Tweet

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-Up: All the Celeb News You Can Use

Bristol PalinWe begin this week with something that I literally only found out about a couple of hours ago. Yes, I know, you thought I was on the very front lines of all things entertainment. I am! But this one somehow slipped past me.

In any case, just when you think everyone already had a reality show, you realize that wasn't true -- but it is now. Yes, ladies and gents, Bristol Palin is getting her own reality show! Seriously. Why? Who knows? Because of the last name, no doubt but what on earth will she be doing? Sounds like a Kardashian in training? I guess I will have to watch it and let you know.

I do not get paid enough to watch these things.

Speaking of not getting paid enough to watch stuff, yes, I watched "The Bachelorette" again for you. I hoped I might actually get into a bit. You know how sometimes you get into a show despite yourself? Well, no. The highlights?

The cockiest guy in the group who was mercilessly annoying the rest of the bachelors was sent packing. As he was saying in his exit interview that he made friendships for life, those friendships were having a celebration that he was leaving. You say tomatoe, I say tomato.

And, in a "shocking" development, Emily walked out looking for Chris, when it was time to give away the final rose saying, "I can't do it. I can't give away the final rose!" OMG, What's going to happen?

So, it turns out that she didn't want to let either of the two men go so she gave away two roses! Wow, huh?

In "birthday" news, a very happy birthday to Prince William! He is now the big 3-0! Not only does he get to live in palaces and have a beautiful wife, but he now gets to inherit what his mom, Princess Diana left him.

How much? 10 million pounds ($15.7 million U.S.). Don't spend it all in one place, old chap!

Halle Berry has been ordered to pay her baby daddy $20,000 per month so that their daughter can live in the style to which she is accustomed. Having a baby with Halle Barry worked out pretty well for the guy, wouldn't you say?

Paramedics were called to Lindsay Lohan's hotel room this week due to "exhaustion." Again. Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. When will you learn not to "exhaust" yourself? Actually, it turns out this may actually have been just that -- exhaustion from working too many hours! In fact, SAG (Screen Actors Guild) is investigating if the production company is working their cast and crew too hard. Either way, take care of yourself, Lindsay!

"Sister Wives" this week was creepy (more than usual). They had a Q and A session from viewers and when the question of how does Kody manage to satisfy all four wives in the bedroom came up, the yuckiest part was that he seemed to puff his chest out and laughed. Oh, and the older kids were in the room, too. This, by the way, was after he said, in response to another viewer's question about the kids dating, that he would want to know if his kids are even kissing anyone as that is a serious matter. Bottom line -- he didn't have to read that question, did he?

Finally, I leave you with what I consider the "tweet of the week." It's deep, insightful, and should give you pause. It's by none other than the great philosopher, Justin Bieber, and so simple yet powerful: "BELIEVE"

Yeah, I know...until next week -- stay well and be good to one another! Happy Summer!

Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore.