Celebrity Round-Up: Suri and Puppies, Dance Moms Drama and Big Brother

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-Up: All The Celeb News You Can Use

Big BrotherWe begin this week with a "pregnancy bump update" from the Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle Gellar camp. They have found out the gender of their baby and spoiler alert -- it is a boy! A "source" to the couple told People magazine, "We are thrilled that Charlotte will have a little brother." They love their little girl more than anything in the world and know that love will only multiply. Wow. Original and unique! So now you know and maybe you heard it here first.

In "Suri Cruise" news, Suri petted puppies at a Manhattan pet shop. Yes, it's true. She played with some puppies but didn't take one home. Stay tuned. Maybe she will get one later on and then we'll have the thrill of watching as media outlets bid against each other to buy the first picture. What good times those will be.

In "Royal Pregnancy" news, as far as we know, Kate is not pregnant, yet.

In our "Pushy Moms/Coaches" section, "Dance Moms" this week did not disappoint when it comes to children being treated unfairly, to say the least. This week saw an 8- or 9-year-old getting yelled at and belittled because – wait for it – she missed one rehearsal so she could go on an overnight school field trip. And of course, it wouldn't be Dance Moms if mom didn't also get yelled at and accused of being a bad mom for letting her go. I hope this little girl makes some money because she will need it for therapy later on.

In "The Bachelorette" news, this week I had to sit through, I mean, I enjoyed watching bachelors tell-all. One thing I have to say is they aren’t quite as snippy to each other as the women were but pretty close. Pitifully, the last man rejected, Sean? is still hurting and in love with Emily.

At the end, Emily came out but what happens this Sunday at the finale was hush-hush, of course so she couldn't reveal the outcome. It will be a three-hour finale! I will see if I can put in for combat pay to watch it, but between you and me, I'm actually looking forward to it. Is it the show itself or knowing it will end that I'm excited about, I don't know. But it's troubling.

Finally, "Big Brother 14" started this week. I must admit I love this show, always have. One of the contestants is from another season. Janelle didn't win but she sure stirred up the pot. She's in now as a "coach." But here is what I found odd and I wonder how you all feel about it. She's apparently given birth recently to an adorable baby girl!

The show, however, cuts one off from society; phones, email, even snail mail (unless you somehow win it, which is rare) for the entire summer! How can she leave the baby that long when she's so young? I'm not suggesting she's a bad mother and I'm sure the baby will be well cared for by other family members But I wonder if she won't quit early because she'll miss her baby too much. What do you think? Could you leave your new baby for that long?

I know, it's been a deep week. Until next week "stay thirsty" for news my friends!

Photo courtesy cbs.com/shows/bigbrother