Celebrity Round-Up: Baby Bump Watch and Kardashian Updates

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-up: Fun-size Celeb News You Can Use

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In breaking news, apparently Jennifer Garner took her daughter, Violet to the library. Our sources tell us that they looked at books. It's only natural, therefore, that the press has termed them "book worms." That press and their presumptuous nicknaming!

In Jon & Kate Plus 8, now Kate Plus, or "Just Kate" news, according to the tabloids she's lonely. I guess that's what happens when you alienate everyone around you. Just saying. Kate appeared on Dr. Drew's self-help show on February 22nd, and broke down while talking about her non-existent love life. Wow! Kate Gosselin losing control on National TV? Who ever heard of such a thing?

The tears came when Dr. Drew asked her about her dating life and she cried, "I’m completely alone. I mean, I'm so lonely. I clean up the house, put the kids to bed and there I sit."

Sounds like she needs the help of the Millionaire Matchmaker! I wonder if that's crossed her mind yet...

In absolutely nonsensical, head-shaking, "what is she thinking" news, apparently Rihanna has teamed up with Chris Brown (you know, the singer who beat the heck out of her in the past) on a musical collaboration. Wait, what? Yes, we heard you and we say, "Wait, what?!", too. What kind of message is this sending other young women who may find themselves in a domestic abuse situation?

Finally, we knew you couldn't go another week without Kardashian news so here's the dish!

For those of you who have been losing sleep waiting to find out the gender of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's baby, wait no longer! The couple finally announced the sex of their baby on Wednesday, and it's a GIRL! How exciting is that? Cash in your pools, start thinking pink if you're planning on sending a gift or card, and finally, get some sleep! What an excruciating wait it's been.

Since we all know those Kardashian girls always get what they want, we could have simply asked younger sister, Kendall, what she wanted. Apparently, she had hoped it was a girl so we needn't have waited for official results!

Finally, we are on bump watch! Jessica Simpson is due any moment. Also, a bit of a spoiler alert -- apparently, Jessica was recently seen buying pink baby clothes! Although she has refused to publicly announce the gender of her baby, we are suspicious it's a girl given this new information.

Also due to pop any day is Jennifer Garner. Who will deliver first? Relax -- we stay up waiting so you don't have to!

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