Celebrity Round-up: Brangelina Kids, the Trumps Hunt, The Bachelor, and Bump Watch

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-up: Fun-size Celeb News You Can Use

Celebrity GossipIn Brangelina offspring news, those adorable little brambinos, Shiloh and Zahara (wearing new blue braids) played peek-a-boo with the paparazzi by crossing their eyes and sticking out their tongues at them in Amsterdam on Wednesday. People Magazine called the interaction "playful." I guess that's what it's called when you're a celeb kid because I think when you're a regular ole kid, it's called "rude."

Moving on to, "I needed another reason to dislike the Trumps," there was much controversy this week when pictures of the Trump sons hit the web showing them posing in Zimbabwe, proudly displaying the elephant - yes, an elephant - and other wild animals they hunted. Daddy defended them, saying they hunted legally and were raised to be avid hunters. We are shaking our collective heads at "the Donald."

A spokesman for the group, In Defense of Animals commented, "Would any intelligent person feel moved to murder a magnificent elephant, then further insult and desecrate it by hacking off his or her tail as an additional gesture of dominance? Privilege has clearly not bought them the sensitivity or wisdom to view the world as anything but their personal playground, including the imagined entitlement to end the lives of sensitive and social animals for mere amusement."

In our thought-provoking news segment, Mayim Balik of "Blossom" fame has been touting her new book about attachment parenting called, "Beyond the Sling." She admits that her style of attachment parenting is not for everyone. But we thought we would share a few tidbits we found especially interesting.

Mayim talks about potty training, or as she calls it, "elimination communication." She states that her boys never used diapers. "How did I avoid potty-training either of my boys? Easy! Babies are born potty-trained; it’s the parents who need the training!" I am trying to imagine my 6 pound baby flushing the toilet. As long as he puts the seat down, I'd be happy.

Mayim shares her views on "unschooling." She writes, "We homeschool, but we don't keep any strict curriculum and we let our kids' interests and attention span determine a lot of the course of what we do." In my house, that would involve learning a whole lot about "Dora the Explorer," throwing balls and puzzle pieces around the house and playing games on the iPad. Imagine what I could buy with the money I'd save on college!

Congratulations are in order for actress Charlize Theron! She has adopted a beautiful little boy named Jackson, the Huffington Post confirmed. A spokesperson for Charlize provided no other details.

Charlize has always been open about her hopes to have a child but not to marry. The South African-born actress is 36 and split from her long-time boyfriend Stuart Townsend in 2010 after nine years of being together.

In "The Bachelor" news, on the season finale, Ben chose the mean girl, Courtney, over nice girl Lindsey. Courtney attempted to "apologize" profusely to all of the women for her behavior but they weren't buying it. Frankly, we didn't buy it either. Did you? Will they stay together? Is she really nice deep down? Will they get married? Do we care?

In the land of "bump watch," we're still on pins and needles awaiting Jessica Simpson's bambina. We know you're sad that we don't have any news on the Kardashians this week, but there's always next time!

What's your favorite celeb hubbub this week?

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